Design on a Dime: How to create a Sensibly Chic home while staying on budget

Design on a Dime is really about getting the most value and impact for your decorating dollars. Budget decorating does not mean buying the cheapest of everything or making do with uncomfortable furnishings. It simply means making smart decisions to get the most bang for your design buck.


Decorating mistakes can be very expensive and reflect heavily on the final result of your project and your overall happiness. When decorating on a budget it is important to remember some important design concepts to save you time and money by doing it right the first time. My 55+ page eBook will guide you step by step through the DIY decorating process so you get the fabulous results you desire.

  • Key elements of good design
  • Determining your budget (& how to stick to it!)
  • Defining your style
  • Developing a Color Palette to achieve the “Designer Look”
  • Basics of room arrangement explained
  • Furniture proportion and scale – Costly Mistakes You Can Avoid
  • Lighting for drama & function
  • What to splurge on and what to save on for the biggest impact
  • Tips on accessorizing to create interest
  • PLUS resources and bonus templates and so much MORE!

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