Commercial Interior Design & Space Planning Services

Comfort + Function + Beauty = Profitability.

Where we work hugely influences the way we work, how well we work, and how we feel about our work. Productivity, job satisfaction, effectiveness, creativity and team-spirit are all influenced by our working environment.

The right building – more precisely the right building interior – can transform the way an organization feels about itself, and the way others see it.

For an employer, the importance of creating the right working environment is paramount to its success. And for a developer, creating office space that makes prospective occupiers feel excited, feel proud and feel successful is critical to achieving quick sales.

Begin with color design that enhances mood and office performance.

Color variety in office environments and commercial interiors provides balance and creates a focus. The image a client receives walking through the door of your building or office is essential. This first impression speaks volumes about who you are and how you should be perceived. The general office atmosphere should include appropriate themes while being appealing and well organized.

Sensible Chic Commercial office design business services include:

  • Lobby/Reception 
  • Conference room projects
  • Relocation
  • Office updating 
  • Fit-out and renovations
  • Space Planning/Furniture Specification 
  • Finish Selections

Color. Placement of existing furniture and art. Selection of targeted new pieces. Recommendations on fabric and art. An entire makeover.

From color to complete commercial interior design — enriching your business environment so everyone works better, and feels more inspired — that’s our commitment to you. Whether it’s a new reception area, an individual office, a restaurant or a large commercial business, we focus on what you want and create productive environments that welcome, inspire, and energize your business. We always work with our commercial design clients to create interiors that enhance your workday.

Sensible Chic is an independent firm so we’re not affiliated with a furniture dealer or building developer. There are no conflicts of interest you need worry about. We receive no commissions for any products or services. All of our professional knowledge, experience, and contacts will work in your best interest to give you the function and aesthetics to create a great working environment. Any furniture dealer can choose some furniture and pick some paint. But as professional interior designers, we emphasize functionality in conjunction with beauty and space planning to meet your budget.

“Because we’re acting as independent designers so there’s no incentive for us to diminish quality or push product and furniture lines. We’re design-driven,” says designer Therese Patterson of Sensible Chic.

When you are ready to make an assessment appointment, please call us at 858.472.0988 or send us an email or Contact Us and tell us how we can help make your office or commercial space more functional and attractive.

Visit our Interior Design Portfolio and enjoy imagining what we could do for you!