Design Concepts

Design Concepts

Whether you are designing from scratch or redecorating, your interior design efforts determine how much you will enjoy your home or office and the perceptions of others. Important concepts and ones that we will help you keep in mind include choosing style, decor, and color schemes, the use of focal point and visual weight objects, and lighting. Familiarity with materials and furnishings is also important to ensure that the look you have chosen will last.

Style & Decor

An important first step in any design project is to choose a style, whether modern or rustic, or casual versus formal. That style should both highlight and complement your existing decor and architecture. We walk you through this important step, including choosing color schemes that result in a finished professional look. Find out what YOUR style is with the What’s Your Style page.

What is your style?
Style: a. An elegant mode of life, b. Grace, elegance, or excellence in appearance or performance.   Style is what determines individuality. Adding that little extra to the look you’re trying to create, whether it’s your entire home or just one room. It’s a flair that makes people look twice.

Focal Point & Visual Weight Objects

A simple design can be transformed to grand by the addition of a few key objects, including the right artwork, chairs, rugs, and plants. We will provide valuable advise on the use of vertical and corner arrangements, selection of focal point components, and where and when to use antiques and hanging displays.


The proper use of lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. From area accent lighting to a single focus, proper lighting can be the difference between a professional finished look and a bland result. Let us help you with lighting ideas for your home or business office!

Choosing Materials

Our experience provides tangible benefits in an important area that is often overlooked. We ensure that materials are chosen correctly so that your design efforts last and remain elegant. One of the most common mistakes is to choose materials and furniture that are either too cheap or poorly made. An important part of our service is to advise you on your material purchases.

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