Frequently Asked Questions

How can an interior designer benefit me?

How shall we count the ways? Sensible Chic is changing the interior design game for good. Hiring a designer by the hour means you can do anything from rearranging your home office to spring cleaning your whole apartment to gut renovating your company’s lobby space. Whether the project is huge or small, we’re here to help.

Avoiding costly mistakes is another key benefit. The benefit to the client using an interior designer’s services as opposed to a contractor or architect is that an interior designer starts the design with how the people who live in the space use it and works out from there to make the space fit them. It should be both beautiful and functional to be a successful project.

Please see our Why Use a Designer? page for a list of some common design mistakes that we can help you avoid.

Can I really afford to hire an interior designer?

Sensible Chic makes hiring the design help you need affordable in two ways; Since we are a small and efficient company focusing in San Diego, we can offer hands-on service at reasonable rates compared to large organizations with high overhead. Secondly, Sensible Chic does not mark up the cost of vendor labor, furniture or fixtures!

Not only do we cut out the manufacturer markups, we bring an entire library of vendor discounts to stretch your dollar further and to make each space look that much better. That’s right-you get our trade only discounts! To learn more specifics about our process and how we work, click here.

I have long term decorating plans but don’t have all the money right now. Can you still help?

When you are decorating your home we recognize that many projects need to be staged for affordability and convenience. Since we are a small company dedicated to our customers, we can devise a long term decorating plan that will keep your initial costs low while still accomplishing your goals today. With our planning, we can help you avoid the add-on look of a poorly designed piecemeal project. Visit our Portfolio for a sneak preview of our beautiful interiors.

Why should I choose Sensible Chic?

Like you, we have grown tired of poor communication and lack of professionalism from people we have hired to do a job. Interior design is largely a referral business. Accordingly, we regard our customers’ satisfaction in the highest regard.

What distinguishes me from the competition: Traditional design companies often keep receipts or insist on ordering furniture in-house. Know why? More profit for them. Sensible Chic clients place orders themselves and keep the airline miles and other perks. Clients keep the receipts and have complete control over how much they spend.

Sensible Chic is about Great Design With Your Life in Mind. We’re about an idea and a mission. If you take a look at our body of work, we’ve done spaces that range from complete contemporary transformations to traditional home remodels. Unlike many in the industry, our brand is not our look – it doesn’t have to be – so you can trust us when we say we do our best to create spaces that are a true reflection of who you are and how you live.

How do I start the process of contacting you for an in-home consultation?

Just call, or write us. Click on our Contact Us page for more information. We guarantee a quick response and look forward to working with you.

Our greatest achievement is your complete satisfaction…