Why a Designer

Design mistakes can be very expensive, in terms of time and money and in your overall happiness with the final result. To achieve the refined look of an interior designer requires a blend of training and talent that produces successful results only after years of experience. Sensible Chic works with you to avoid the pitfalls of a disappointing project and ensures that you are happy with your newly decorated interior.

Both as expert listeners and as a partner for you to bounce your ideas off, we help you stage your design plans to remain within budget while listening and working with you to achieve your lifestyle requirements.

Common Design Errors

Some of the common design errors that Sensible Chic helps you avoid include:

  • Lack of experience with material availability and quality
  • Color schemes that are bland or uncomplimentary
  • Furniture and objects that are too numerous (or the wrong scale), creating a cluttered look
  • Style and fabrics are not complemented or offset from room to room
  • Purchased materials and furniture that don’t meet your needs or last
  • Remodels that look like afterthoughts and don’t flow with the rest of the house
  • Highlighted areas and lighting that are not used properly

Cost of an Interior Designer/Decorator

We believe that we can save you money by doing it right the first time. By enlisting the help of a professional, you will not only save countless hours of researching and shopping, but also the worry and uncertainty about your decisions. To learn more specifics about our process and how we work, click here.

The benefit to the client using an interior designer’s services as opposed to a contractor or architect is that an interior designer starts the design with how the people who live in the space use it and works out from there to make the space fit them. It should be both beautiful and functional to be a successful project.

How to Get Started?

First, take a look at our Services summary. You might also want to learn more about design Concepts and review our You Might Need A Designer If… page to really learn how we can make a difference for you. Our Frequently Asked Questions page also includes valuable information. To have a look at our portfolio, go to the Gallery and enjoy imagining what we could do for you!